Recent Group News

  • We have written a new tutorial on how to model biological problems in computer science, using genome assembly as a case study.

  • Our paper on AllSome Sequence Bloom Trees is accepted in RECOMB 2017!

  • Our paper on the compaction of a de Bruijn graph built from reads has been published in ISMB 2016. Read more here.

  • Our TwoPaCo algorithm for building the compacted de Bruijn graph from complete genomes won the best poster award at RECOMB 2016! Read more here.

  • Our paper on the sequencing and assembly of the Gorilla Y Chromosome has been published at Genome Research. You can read more about it in the news.

  • Our paper on safe and complete contig assembly via omnitigs was accepted for publication at RECOMB 2016. Read more here.

Current / Upcoming Courses

  • Algorithms and Data Structures in Bioinformatics, CSE / BMMB 566, Spring 2019.

Recent Software

  • IsoCon: deriving finished transcript sequences from Iso-Seq reads.
  • VarGeno: SNP genotyping from whole genome sequencing data.
  • RecoverY : classification of Y-chromosome specific reads
  • AllSome SBT: querying transcript presence in reads.
  • VarMatch: matching variants in VCF files.

Major Current Funding